Aerosoft has been around the 1980’s, specialising in all sorts of Polyurethane manufacturing, ranging from Automotive components to shoe roles. In 1992, the factory perfected a new technology, called “direct on upper”.

The upper and sock are placed into a shoe-mould, after which the Polyurethane is injected, here with securing a tight fusion between the upper and sock without the use of glue. The main advantage of this technology is the improved strength and durability of the shoes.

This has distanced Aerosoft from other PU slipper manufacturers, along with the attention to detail that goes into the design of the anatomic foot bed and massage insoles, making Aerosoft clients feel softer, lighter, more comfortable experience, when wearing Aerosoft product.

This diversified brand caters for all, ranging from 2 – 102 years, establishing Aerosoft as the new affordable comfort range in the Southern African Market.

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